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Zhejiang Red Sun Machinery Co., Ltd. was founded in 2001 and is a professional factory which primarily engaged in research, development, production and service of gear reducers. It was honored as “National high-tech Enterprise”. Company covers an area of 45,000 square meters , with staff of over 400 persons and an annual output of speed reducers could amount to 120,000 sets.

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REDSUN insists on: "Advanced,stable,economical and efficient". Our market positioning is to be one of the best supplier in the transmission equipment industry .Our aim is to surpass the Japanese low-cost products, German stability products and American advanced products.

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Since its establishment, our factory has been developing first world class products with adhering the principle of quality first. Our products have gained excellent reputation in the industry and valuabletrusty among new and old customers..

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  • From the Japanese double giant look precision reducer development path

    Precision reducer manufacturers pay attention to the downstream market diversification. As the world’s mainstream harmonic reducer manufacturer, Hamanaco is different from domestic harmonic reducer enterprises in that industrial robot-related income accounts for a relatively low proportion ...
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  • Giant wheel intelligent to fill the gap in China’s robot CR certification field, China’s RV reducer long-term “jam” situation is expected to be completely solved

    On the evening of May 10, Julun Intelligence announced that the company produced and sent the “precision cycloidal pin gear reducer /JLRV40E” obtained the CR product certification certificate issued by China Auto Testing Technology Co., LTD. (National Robot testing and Evaluation Cent...
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  • Domestic acceleration, enterprise expansion intention is strong

    Reducer, controller and servo motor, together constitute the three core parts of industrial robot. Among them, the decelerator, commonly known as the robot “joint”, is the core transmission component of high-end automation equipment represented by industrial robots, and the hardware v...
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  • Domestic RV reducer next city, the industry is facing a reshuffle

    The rise of domestic RV reducer is not easy. China and Germany said, considering the reliability of the problem, the domestic company RV reducer mostly to import brands. “In industrial robots, companies like Nabot of Japan have dominated the market for many years, and we have some difficult...
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  • Delivery of the world’s first 45T cycloid gear reducer

    The world’s first 45T cycloid gear reducer was officially delivered and shipped in Hubei Swett Transmission Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as Swett Transmission) manufacturing park on November 11. The International Thermonuclear Experiment Reactor (ITER) multifunctional mechanical arm w...
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